YNightmare Zone

y nmz just got my account banned sadly, just a heads up.
maybe i can get a refund cos i aint using it again lol

that’s like saying, I ran my car into a wall and I won’t use it anymore, plz refund


Firstly, cars don’t drive themselves, you drive them… and as for the script it is paid for and coded…So your metaphor doesn’t really apply here pal.

if i drove the car into a fucking wall no shit im not getting a refund…

The reason why i paid for a premium bot is so AVOID getting banned…

also note how i said maybe…

Premium scripts shouldnt be looked at as a way to

“AVOID getting banned”

Everyone would be maxed if if that was the case. Yea, premium scipts are probably less risky than free scripts but to not expect being banned is pretty dumb. In the future only bot on accounts ur willing to lose.

Premium scripts here on rspeer are mainly premium cause they give u more options, are made by trusted and experienced scriptwriters and are therefore less likely to mess up. If someone told u that premium scripts are completely undetectable, im sorry but then youve been lied to.
Merry christmas! :santa:

How is what he’s saying inaccurate? Paying for a script, just like a vehicle, doesn’t reduce the risk involved. Whether your car is worth $100 or $100,000, the potential risk is still almost the same, and if you were to crash a vehicle (of your own wrong doing) then you aren’t getting your money back from the supplier because it. Likewise, if you use a script, whether it’s free, or worth $X, if a problem occurs that isn’t down to the manufacturer then they don’t owe you anything.

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The bot is not being detected by the game. Of course bans are a lot higher than what they used to be but it doesn’t necessarily mean the bot is detected.

you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about… please stop it’s kinda cringy

“Cars don’t drive themselves, you drive them…”
You bought a product, you use the product. You bought a car, you are allowed to use it. You bought a script, you are allowed to use it.

“The reason why I paid for a premium bot is to AVOID getting banned…”
I’m sorry ‘pal’, but it doesn’t say anywhere that premium scripts are fully undetectable. Premium scripts are called premium scripts because usually they’re more capable of standard ‘free’ scripts. And the developers are actively working on it, and supporting it.

The only reason for you to get a refund is if you purchased the script by accident, or if the script is broken and the developer does not seem to give a shit.

If you’re gonna be a smartass, read the terms of service. There’s plenty of information on how certain things work.

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Sorry buddy there is no ban insurance
Also cars can now drive themselves