World Looter | Loot almost anywhere | PVP loot prediction | BH skipping | Muling

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Locations supported

  • Edgeville wilderness
  • Grand exchange/ Varrock west
  • Lumbridge
  • NEW: Anywhere supported by webwalker

Features other looter lacks

  • Muling
  • Equips items that have no reqs to save space and to not look like a bot
  • Option to withdraw food after banking for longer trips
  • Option to wait inside the safe zone if no good loot neaby
  • Option to toggle run on for valuable loot and save energy other times

Other basic features

  • Runs to safe zone if being attacked
  • Option to cancel BH targets
  • Walk back after death

Input name of mule and bank value to trigger muling.
Position mule near bank on the same world, when bot sees the mule it will begin trading items to mule.
Stops when bank value is less than the minimum mule value.

If bot is under Trade Restriction and attempts to trade a restricted item, will stop muling for the rest of the session.
Let me know what item caused the issue and I will add it to the blacklist.

pvp looter osrs wilderness bounty hunter

Progress pics from users

alt text

Script args examples
-noGui -safeSpot -locationString Lumbridge -world 319 -minLootValue 100 -bankAtValue 10000 -foodId 1993 -foodAmount 5

-locationString Lumbridge -world 319 -minLootValue 100 -bankAtValue 10000 -foodId 1993 -foodAmount 5 -safeSpotDistance 5

very nice. i hope it gets accepted.

As I can download it?, I would like to try…

@galban Bro, are you Yoda or sumshit?

Nice :slight_smile:

can you add the mule system

it runs back and forth when loot appears, you should check that :slight_smile: besides that, great script

@DerWahreTom said in PVP Looter:

can you add the mule system
Will look into it.

@zionylennox said in PVP Looter:

it runs back and forth when loot appears, you should check that :slight_smile: besides that, great script

Gonna need more info than that.
Is it from a player death or random loot? Are you being attacked?

@DoubleClick when loot is about to appear on the ground, instead of waiting of it in tiles around it, the bot clicks away and then comes back

I think the script didn’t update to my latest version because I didn’t resubmit the update request, will confirm in a bit.

EDIT: Just checked the live version and it’s outdated, submitted a new update request with the latest updates.

script stuck went die

@fullrecor05 Which location are you looting at?

Still waiting for update to be approved, I haven’t run into this issue, at least on the latest version.

@DoubleClick Ge south, went die he stuck in lumb pub, left me test again and take a picture

@fullrecor05 Oh that, it’s a known issue with the walker.

Next update

Added failsafe when script gets stuck on ditch
Removed dropping of items below value limit incase price checking breaks
Should unstick itself at Lumbridge pub after a couple clicks, ideally walker should be fixed so I won’t hardcode a full solution

i run for 2hours and closed in bank Edgeville every two hours and closes why?

@galban Read the literal first sentence of post

So far your script is running good. I would like unrestricted access to test it in full if you agree. Also try to add how much i earn p/h in real time in script. Thanks for effort :slight_smile:

@hizzy :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

cool script fresh made account 3hr runtime than ban