Where tf are any of the staff that can help with support?

Issue: hey, so pretty much, where tf is anyone that runs this shit? No one on the discord replies on the channels nor a direct message. The forums is the only place where I thought I can actually get some attention from someone since there’s no contact info or email that’s pasted on the rspeer website. I’ve been politely asking for someone to help me refund the money I spent for tokens back to my account since I don’t want to use them anymore. I just bought them 2 days ago.
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theve been ghosting me for 4 days, goodluck

you think there’s any way that I can force them to refund me without having to claim fraud on my card and having to get a new one?

dispute it on paypal service not provided. i guess not sure.

I’ve not received any messages on Discord or here. I will get to it in a few days

this is my second post, my first one was asking about a refund and that wasn’t responded to, on discord I’ve pm’d “zach” and “yasper,” each about 3 times and have yet to get a reply. Thank you for the reply.

Refunded. Your first post was less than a day before this one, please allow up to 48 hours for staff to respond. Zach is not a member of staff and Yasper may have been busy.

Hey i would like to get a refund aswell