Whats Next for RSPeer


I wanted to make a thread to discuss what is next for RSPeer - I know this topic is continuously discussed on Discord and Discord offers the latest updates, but it may be beneficial to hear from the Devs on here.

Bans on RSPeer have raised recently. Alot of users believe the client is detectable. Is there something being done to update the client?

Scripts quality has gone down on both paid and free scripts. Is there something being done to bring quality and active Scripters to RSPeer to create free/paid scripts ?

Is there anything from the community that the RSPeer Devs would like to see us do?

@Spencer @yasper @MadDev @Lezor

thank you,

For starters make new and better scripts. Im looking and i see like the lasts scripts was made about 1 year ago. Second to make it undetectable and more human like for no bans. every script i tried got me banned including my main.

Just because a script is old or infrequently updated doesn’t mean it’s bad. A lot of them simply don’t need changes

The client is not detectable.

@Lezor In your opinion what is causing bans on RSPeer? Last year i made a new account and achieved 1700+ total level 100% botted other than quests. Now following the same botting practices i get banned at 100-400 total level. If it’s not the client, if its not out of date scripts that are frequently updated then what’s your thoughts on bans?

Well when i get permanently banned it says for using third party client and microing. and when 1000 people use same script. and doing exactly same clicks same routine. Its very detectable. more random clicks in scripts and acts. May decrease the bann rate. and actually upload new scripts is another good thing to do :slight_smile:

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