Using Interfaces or Widgets

I migrate from OSBOT since some months, I already do some scripts but there are some things I don’t know how to do in RSPeer or what are their equivalents compared to OSBOT.

I’m doing an script for slice pineapples, but I don’t know how select the option after use the knife in a pineapple, in OSBOT I’m doing this kind of things using widgets, I tried to do using Inferfaces but I only see a lot of squares and I really don’t understand how to select the option that I want.

Item knife = Inventory.getFirst("Knife");
Item pineapple = Inventory.getFirst("Pineapple");
if (knife != null && pineapple != null) {
     Inventory.use(item -> item.getName().equals("Knife"), pineapple);

Yes I know how to use a knife in a pineapple, what I don’t know is how to select to convert to rings or chunks.

Interfaces & InterfaceComponent.

From the sounds of it, it seems like it brings up the same menu in the chatbox area that cooking does? If so you can use the Production api class.

is probably what you want

Thanks a lot man, that is what I needed.