Unborn's AIO fletcher. All logs, break handling, any bank!

Welcome to my AIO fletcher. I will be updating the script often so make sure you check back to this thread for updates!

Currently handles:
Breaking - you can choose how long it breaks for and how often it breaks!
Arrow shafts - will make any logs into arrow shafts.
Shortbows & longbows (u) - will make any unstrung bows.
Shortbows & Longbows - Will string any bows.
Bolts - can make any Metal bolts currently.
Arrows - can make any arrows.
Darts- can make any darts.
To be added:
tipped bolts.

alt text
If you want breaks make sure use breaks is on! (on by default)
Break after - time till breaks.
Break for - time to break for.
Deviation - random time either added or deducted to both break after and break for.

Proggies: If you have a progress picture feel free to send it to me and i will link below!

alt text
alt text
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy! If any problems are found post below or pm me.

Update: this script now supports metal bolts, arrows and darts!
new menu picture:
alt text

Just waiting sdn update.

@unborn did you add amethyst broad bolts ? (requires amethyst arrow tips and broad bolts)

@overwatch Forgot about amethyst broad bolts ill add them in the next update. I added broad bolts just waiting for the script to update in the sdn. :slight_smile:

@unborn thanks

@unborn i select to string bows, it opens bank --> take mats --> make bows --> open bank --> crash and stop.
alt text

@guywithlsd Update is pending, should fix any issues let me know if they continue!

This works perfect for my iron man and other accounts! This thing runs super smooth!

Any reason you disabled the default login handler?

To stop the script from logging in while on break. When the breaks is up I enter their login details and press enter twice to log them back in.

@unborn Problem is with you current implementation, if anything pops up incorrectly, your entire thing will blow up, such as world menu etc.

you can dynamically add and remove the blocking events so it doesnt log you back in until you re-add it.

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated it to re-add the blocking event.
Also thanks for the help!

Good script, if not breaks i would not run it that long.
alt text

stops for no reason https://imgur.com/a/SJN1ETK had 20+ last nite rip

@Ion I pushed an update to sdn which should fix this issue. Let me know if you have any more!

Not sure if this was a rare occurrence, but tried breaking for the first time, I came back when it was supposed to be breaking and it was just afking at bank booth.


When breaking, It will afk till its afk logged out then stay logged out till the break time is over.

makes javelin shafts instead of shortbows and makes shortbows instead of longbows for some reason.

Thank you for making the script, I like it but it does seem to stop every invent/couple of invents.

This is via stringing mind, maybe it’s just stringing broke.

@lebotman I’ll take a look.
@Dbuffedwinz I’ll also take a look at this also.
Thanks for the reports.