Tried really hard not to get banned, but still did

I was using the LostKnights thieving script and because it doesn’t eat, I’d babysit it extensively and eat every 1-2 minutes manually. And I also did quests extensively, basically put more hours into the account legit than it did bot. But I still got banned. It’s ‘just’ a one day ban but I don’t think RS is for me anymore. I just can’t play this game legit because clicking shit in the same pattern is stupid.

Anyway I just wanted to share this because it seems like even if you take the precautionary safety measures, they still get you.

The Essential Botting habits:

Listed in no specific order.

  1. Do not bot during Jagex working hours, or at least be very cautious when you do.

Bot watch exists, and is there to flag accounts. When you bot during jagex hours, not only are you running the risk of being detected by the bot watch, but you also run the risk of being manually banned by mod weath. If you want to avoid bans, it would be in your best interest to avoid the possibility of a manual ban, therefore do not bot during jagex working hours.

  1. Do not bot more than 8-10 hours a day total.

8-10 hours may even be pushing it. Most normal human beings do not spend more than 8-10 hours everyday playing runescape. The entire aspect of botting smart revolves around being as least suspicious as possible, therefore do not go overboard. \

  1. Do not bot more than 2-3 hours straight.

Now, we get into specifics. Besides not botting more than 8-10 hours a day in total, do not bot more than 2-3 hours straight. Keep your botting sessions as human-like as possible, depending on the activity. Only a handful of people in this world can go multiple hours straight training their skills at max efficiency.

Depending on your skill botted, your maximum session may vary. Most people can fletch for 2-3 hours straight, but no one can runecraft for 2-3 hours straight at max efficiency. Again, use your brain, and don’t go overboard with your sessions.

Personally, I did nightmare zone for 2.5-3 hours at a time. I also stun-alched for 2 hours sessions, but did agility for 30-1 hour sessions and mining for 30-1 hour sessions MAX.

  1. Take breaks.

In between your sessions, try to take manual breaks. Say you do 2-3 hours of Nightmare zone training, log off right after for about 30 mins to an hour, possibly longer. Try to be fairly random with this, just like a normal person would. Someone who does 2-3 hours of NMZ may eat dinner, which sometimes takes 30-45 mins. Sometimes he brushes his teeth or does something else after, taking another 15 minutes. Again, try to mimic normal human behavior and breaking habits.

As for the break handler, I personally did not use this. I feel that fully randomizing your breaks only makes you look more bot-like, and always stuck to manual breaks. If I was out with friends, I would use teamviewer to manually stop my script, or if I was at home, I would just stop it myself. Be creative, and be smart.

  1. Switch things up and play legit during breaks.

I’ve said this many times before, you need to be as human-like as possible. People do not do the same activity for hours on end, day after day, week after week. If you have a long term goal like I did, switch things up. After 2-3 hours of nightmare zone, take a 30-1 hour break, then do a little bit of fletching, questing, whatever. Make yourself seem like you are a normal player, and not some bot who does the same thing over and over. I believe this was one of the MOST EFFECTIVE botting habits that kept me from getting banned.

  1. Invest in premium scripts and stay away from free ones.

This is not to take away from the free scripts we have on RsPeer. Don’t get me wrong, we have some pretty good free scripts, but they’re simply not as good as the premium ones. If you really care about your account, INVEST in premium scripts. Premium scripts are tested extensively, have better anti-ban, and are less likely to have bugs. The entire goal is longevity of your account, therefore it would make sense to use the best script for a certain activity.

  1. Take some days off.

Normal people do not play runescape Take days off botting. Go days where all you do is play legit doing quests, chatting with friends in the GE, etc etc. Be as human like as possible. I usually did this once a week or so, to avoid suspicion. Although this is not a requirement, its always better to be on the safe side.

  1. Do not bot heavily goldfarmed methods.

Things like Woodcutting, yews, fishing sharks, spinning bowstring, crafting natures etc. are all very risky. Bot watch obviously has a keen eye for these, as they affect the game the most. Mod weath also manually bans in these places the most, making it that much more risky. If you’re gonna bot a skill like woodcutting, do so with a method that does not make money, like willows. If you’re gonna fish, do salmon and trout.

These are the methods i use. I did not write this out but all statements in it are exactly how i do it.

EDIT: I already have 6 99’s from nothing but botting and have not even received a day ban yet.

My point is that I did all of that. I didn’t bot during their work hours, I didn’t bot for 8-10 hours daily, I didn’t bot 2-3 hours straight, I took breaks and quested during them, stayed away from gold farming methods. Admittedly I didn’t buy private scripts but the way I used the free script is essentially babysit it to the point where I was interacting with the client every 1-2 minutes.

It doesn’t work. You will still get banned.

Free scripts are normally detected faster because anyone can get them. The more people using the script means that more people are doing the same exact actions as you with little to no difference in how it is being done. This allows the bot detection system to pick up players that are suspicious / look like they are botting. Any account can be banned and that is a risk you take when you do anything that breaks the TOS of jagex.

EDIT: this is also the reason private scripts can be worth a lot of money.

i got banned even with premium scripts, The point is who really knows how not to get banned, will not come to the forum and explain how not to be, because if he speaks soon everyone started to do, and it will not work anymore. I see some users here using bots 12 hours a day and not getting banned. i find it bizarre i get banned botting 2-3 hours a day baby sitting, taking breaks. and still getting banned. even with premium scripts I was banned this is ridiculous already lost 2 main accounts. The fact is the jagex system detects patterns if your bot miss 1x you already dead. the system will watch you and sooner or later you will see that you are just a botter pretending to be a player.
I did the test with a lot of accounts and some that I put for incredible 20 hours in a row were not banned while others I left for only 4 hours were banned. I noticed that of the accounts that were banned were the bot failed, or made a mistake which I corrected as it was on the computer or the system could detect patterns that bots normally use. All accounts have been done quests on them manually, and tutorial insland manually.
including my 2 main accounts that were banned, both used premium scripts both, no more than 4 hours a day botting in other words legitimate accounts that had multiple quests. and etc.
so all of that tips you said have in all botting forums is notting new, if this really works nobody will get banned. the system detect you if he is 90% sure that you are a bot he will automatically ban you, if in doubt he will probably leave your account flagged and some mod will check. we know that a lot of people get banned without even using bots imagine you using it, the mod enters check you and ban you.

Another thing to note is that if a premium script can break patterns, or generate random patterns, for example, every number x (minutes) the bot will be afk for x (minutes) this adds a lot of uncertainty to the detection system that jagex uses it. human beings are not accurate, This is something you notice in high quality scripts, in which the programmer has invested time and experience.

Best tip to avoid a ban : don’t bot.

You’re making assumptions about the system of which you don’t even know how it works. There’s little to suggest adding more ‘randomness’ to a script will have any meaningful effect on banrates. On the contrary, improperly adding random breaks can be another indicator which can be picked up by jagex (i.e. using a uniform distribution).

From my testing (which is only anecdotal evidence ofcourse). Adding random breaks to simulate being afk had little to no effect on banrates.

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