This site is awful to navigate

From the first time I started using it, it’s a puzzle to find what I want to around the site. I have to search everywhere to try to find it and most of the time I don’t. Supposedly there’s a way to set up quick launch. I set it up…and now what? How do I use it? Another case is a doc ( talking about setting up an automatic farm, and part of the step is to add an http header. That sounds cool! So how do I do it? I looked around the site, I tried searching the forums, I reread the same doc multiple times, and I found nothing. This is a recurring problem with this site when I use it: Everything is out of reach and there’s no clear way to find it. Very little is explained and even less is able to be found. I think I’ve seen enough to know this one is definitely inferior to the other botting sites.

You can create quick launch profiles here:

Select the quick launch profile when you go to start clients:

Extended API has some functions for the http requests you are talking about:

It’s meant for developers, and a quick google search can answer this.