Soft Clay Maker

Makes Soft Clay

Start anywhere and it will walk you to one of the 4 random bank spots at the grand exchange. Will get whatever they need from the bank and start making soft clay. Will logout whenever out of resources.


None besides having Jug of water and Clay in bank.

  • 1 Jug of Water can be bought for 26 Coins each
  • 1 Bucket of Water which can be bought for 30 Coins each
  • 1 Clay can be bough for 77 Coins each
  • 1 Soft clay can be sold for 110 Coins each
    -Prices are subjected to change.

This post Includes SoftClayMakerJug & SoftClayerMakerBucket
If you have any problems make sure to post them in the comments below.

To Add

  • Soft Clay made in a hr on gui
  • Coins made in a hr on gui

Hey, seems to be working well but 1 thing I noticed is sometimes it withdraws 28 clay or 28 jugs and doesn’t bank 14 to get space for the other needed material. Just an fyi hope it helps

dude this works like a charm but sometimes it takes 28 jugs… and stops, you should put a detection when that happens to bank back and deposit all… if cant fix the prob

Added Bucket of water support and a fix for the 28 Jugs/Clay bug. in 1.1 patch

when you gonna push it to SDN? still hasnt updated to 1.1

meh men hope you have some time to reupload… :cry:

I updated but it seems like they aren’t checking it :frowning: it still says “pending”

meh, to who i need to talk on discord so they can check this and update :frowning:

zzz reupload the update to SDN to see if it bumps to top so they can see it. again…

The update has went through you should now be able to

  • Use Bucket of water
  • Random use of Jug of Water or Bucket of Water and uses the other if you ran out of first.
  • Fixed the bug of getting stuck if you have 28 Jugs/Clay

Now its stuck on clicking clay only… when i deposits the 1st load…

It works like 90% clicking clay only and 10% making soft clay

Yea I’m having the same issues as these guys, spam clicks clay monkah :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be posting the SoftClayMakerJug & SoftClayMakerBucket versions shortly. -ty for the patience

SoftClayMakerJug has been released if you have any problems let me know.

SoftClayMakerBucket is pending to be released.

Did you just make 2 separate scripts?

03 :roll_eyes:

Yes I made 2 separated scripts for now since i’m combining them at a later date.

It’s better to have one script that does all the methods.

  • There will be a shit ton of scripts that do the same thing but with a slightly different method, or item in your case.
  • If you have made multiple scripts, it will be very tedious to combine them. It just saves you a lot of time.

And I think it’s good to think about how you would combine all methods into one script. It may help you to improve your scripting skills.

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