Site Bug Reporting

Here we go, I’ve been playing around with the new site and have noticed some things. Prefacing this by stating that these aren’t really complaints. I don’t like change so my two cents would be negative regardless.

  • When going to Profile > Preferences > Theme if you change from Custom Headers to either Dark or Light mode, the links at the top of the page break.

  • I don’t appear to be able to update things like email or display name in profile settings.

  • My username was Infinity- and is now Infinity1, not into that. I’m assuming a trailing “-” is no longer supported, I would like the option to change my name ideally to “Infinity” since that user is clearly not active. It also reset my join date.

  • Now that it’s all of the cached Google pages are broken. I believe there’s a way to have old pages deleted and to initiate a new crawl of the site here: that way users don’t get broken pages on forum links.

  • Possibly due to the name change thing, but I’ve seen at least one other post about someone being unable to edit so I thought I’d add it. I do not have an edit option on older posts of mine.

  • More sensitive things will be PMed to @MadDev
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@MadDev Check this please

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Thanks, we had too do an emergency migration to switch over the forums, I haven’t had time to go and clean it up just, will be doing that sometime. Thanks again for the reports.

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