Scripted was denied

hey @MadDev-0
i uploaded a very rough copy of a script that alchs braclets and charges them i actually just spent 6 hours updating my code and making it better before checking (my bad there) and then i checked and the the version i uploaded was denied and the reason was a premium version exist, i am just wondering if rspeer only is going to allow one copy of each money making method aka like the one i was doing there is a prem version already so does that mean i cant make a prem version of my own to upload and realease to help diversify it and make a competing script with the current version to help hopefully give me more of a drive to make improvements to be on par with theres same with them?

That was likely @Spencer who denied it.

I hope the reason for being denied wasn’t due what you are saying @Klone
Having diversity in scripts available is what keeps everyone going.

I tagged you on the discord and explained why it was denied

hey spencer i already posted an update doesnt have a gui but it has more features then the f2p counterpart currently also fair enough just making sure im not wasting my time casuse the orignal reson for being denied said there is a prem one already and that was it