rspeer's mouse movements

So I understand rspeer is spoofing the mouse movements and simply sending falsified data to the server, with a claim this is better than using a humanized mouse movement.

I must ask, how is spoofing the mouse movements any different from generating the real movements and letting rs record them?

No matter how the mouse movements are sent to the gameserver, they can still reconstruct your mouse movements on the server and detect patterns, anomalies, and automated movements.

In fact, wouldn’t it be EASIER to extrapolate anomalies if the provided mouse movements don’t appear to coincide with the actions being performed?

Or are you spoofing “natural mouse movements”? If so, what separates that algorithm from any other bots mouse movements algorithm? (Besides performance differences)

So if you think about it, capturing really granular mouse movement data would be a logistical problem for a game that can run on dial-up. It’s really unlikely that RS is able to track the actual path of pixel precise coordinates as your mouse travels across the screen, or anything near that granularity really. It would be a lot of data share with the server. It’s much more likely that they capture a lose series of nodes that make up a mouse movement. Therefore, I’m thinking it’s probably pretty easy to spoof a believable mouse movement, and the real source of bot detection lies in a combination of many more factors than just that.

It’s already been shown they do capture mouse movements every 50ms. And they can store 250,000-500,000 of these mouse movements in 1 mb. There’s a ton of things they collect and can look at to determine if you’re botting.