[RSPeer Official] RSPeer AIO Miner

All rocks / locations supported.
Ability to select custom rocks to use.
Support for drop when full, M1D1, and banking depending on the location.
4 different speed modes, (slow, medium, fast, insane mode) - * The faster the mode, the more CPU it will use.
Event based architecture for insane speed and low cpu. (Instantly switches rocks when yours gets mined out.)
Drops all uncut gems and stuff.

Leveling system to switch locations / equipment. (Will not be in this first revision.)

OPEN SOURCE: https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/288/rspeer-aio-miner-open-source

Tick manipulation supported?

@Defeat3d Not in this upcoming version.

lit! tysm :smiley:

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

hot diggity dog this is what we need now that man has left

Now available on the sdn.

Now open source: https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/288/rspeer-aio-miner-open-source

Pushed update to fix:
Interacting too quickly causing misclick
Not going back to the direct tile you set if leaving area.

Pausing doesn’t work for the script

@MadDev Bot still misclicks and walks somewhere

Adds random ass rocks to the rock list even though we’re not near them or clicking them.
Can’t remove these added rocks.

Hey could bank chests also be used as a form of banking? Looking to use the bank in the mining guild but the script doesnt recognise it as a bank

@hhhhh Yeah they can be if we add it to BankLocation enum, I’m not sure if thats extendable within a script, @Spencer do you know?

@MadDev No just get the location and add it to the enum. He can enable the debugger for you and providea location near the bank, along with the name of the bank chest and menu action used to open the bank

“Use” “Bank chest”
MINING_GUILD = new BankLocation(… ,new Position(3014, 9718, 0));

Ah it’s the mining guild bank, we’ll have to add requirements to some banklocations and filter them out then, since I believe that one requires a certain mining level to access

@Spencer It’s outside of map, and I don’t believe webwaking is currently capable of getting there anyhow. Shouldn’t be considered a viable bank unless you’re actually in the mining guild cave already (although I’m not sure how you guys choose the closest bank, so it could prove to be a problem if you’re just measuring primitive vector2 magnitude)

Wish it could bank in the mining guild; extremely happy with this anyway, probably botted 30 hours with very few issues so far

i think the script inteferes with the account manager, as the account isn’t being logged back into despite other scripts logging back in without a problem. yes i have the correct account selected ^^