RSPeer failed to load Runescape.... help please

Issue: RSpeer Failure to Load
Steps to recreate: Launch an instance.
Java Version: Just updated to the latest version today via the update I had available, problem still persists. Latest Java.
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): Win 10
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): No, tested with a VPN on and Off, same result.

Error message (If applicable): See Picture for error below

Never had this before. It never parses
I tried deleting the RSPeer folder already. No luck. Did restarts.
Anyone else or due to a update?

same, have not figured out a fix yet.

Im thinking it’s something to do with the devs/server or an update, maybe they can confirm?
Ill just wait and see for now, I’ve tried all I can for now I think, I don’t know though!

Keep me posted if you figure anything out as will I, it is a Tuesday though

Seems to be working now.

I had this same exact problem today, around the same time you reported it on this forum… also i tried restarting my pc, deleting the folders in the recommendation from clicking help. didnt work. I uninstalled and then redownloaded again a few hours later and it actually worked… then just now I stopped the script to go bank and then tried running script again, and it wouldnt even bring up my scripts… i can’t even log in to the bot… im lucky im still logged into this forum . idk what’s going on.

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I’d say everyone is having this issue, me included. Not a good look when I’ve purchased a script and that was buggy to begin with and now the whole client is down.

I’m not even going to remotely make back as much as I’ve spent in a whole month running the script and that number has dwindled further now that I can’t even run the bot.

It would have made more sense to purchase the gold directly from gold farmers to be honest. I’m considering moving to a more reliable software. This happens daily.

The RuneScape servers have been down multiple times this week, other software will have had the same issues.