Rspeer dead ?

Im new to this and i get banned of every script im using. And no new scripts are being added. Its really boring had main worth like 100m banned. made like 100 other accounts all banned. not fun. What is going on. should i switch to another site or will this site produce more scripts thats really are undetectable. All the hours i put in just wasted. Would be better off just playing the game normally.

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tbh bans are problems on your end. i recomend getting residential proxies and try not to bot more than 3-4 hrs a day in 30 min increments. the client is fine

Bot is alive. Forums aren’t updated and active like the Discord. New releases haven’t been pushed like they originally were when the client was first released.

As of now most people aren’t really uploading scripts, just maintaining them and updating when necessary because we already have scripts for most things that are easily accessible. i.e people don’t want to release woodcutters when 5 of then already exist

Originally there was a lot of work/bugs to work with so naturally releases were more frequent. Currently some updates are “silent” and don’t require us to release a new build, we can update via other means. Other updates are just maintenance and any bug fixes that are a result of a game update

Forums are dead because they aren’t the primary discussion board. We took a different approach and decided to go Discord based, which has worked as the Discord is very active, more so than the forums would be even if we paid full attention to them - which is natural as we are no longer in 2010. The forums remain and serve their purpose as a place of information, and of course for scripts and support.

i agree… and when i join discord and ask questions i get trolled right away… toxic

Depends on the Channel you’re in i learned a lot from the discord.