RSPeer 2.13

RSPeer 2.13 has been released, here are the changes.

Webwalker can now be specified when making a movement request, instead of relying on client settings.

public int loop() {
    return 400;

This will save your walker preference to your script instance and use it for every walk request going forward.

It only affects your currently running client and it will not update your global RSPeer walker preferences.

It will be reset back to “ClientSettingsBased” after your script ends. You will need to specify the walker you would like to use in your onStart, or within your loop.

Client tag is now exposed so you can verify if your client actually launched.

This client tag is exposed via the RSPeer Web Api when you launch clients, you can now utilized this to match that your launch request was successful.


Loop counter has been added to LoopTask.

It can be accessed within your script class.

Client close timer if disconnected from server has been updated from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

If you become disconnected from the server for any reason, the client will now close after 30 minutes if connection is not regained, instead of 5.

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