RSPeer 2.04

Hey guys, 2.04 has been released, few small updates.

  • Movement class now accepts WalkCondition as a parameter for usages with DaxWeb. DaxWeb acts differently than Acuity in the fact that it runs in a while loop while pathing. A WalkCondition is just a boolean supplier that is passed in to tell it to break out of the loop.

  • Movement class now has a way to get the underlying reference to DaxWeb. This will give you more control / customization in your pathing if you prefer.

    You can also call buildPath yourself and check if it is a DaxPath to get the underlying DaxWeb reference.

  • Ability to add additional PathLinks to DaxWeb has been added. A PathLink is a way to specify custom object interactions in your path. Example PathLink to handle Port Sarim ships:

  • Kotlin Runtime was removed from the client. This was causing issues with people who were trying to run Kotlin scripts. See: for more information.
    Kotlin scripts will still work as expected, the SDN compiler still has the Kotlin SDK integrated.

  • Startup failure issue with a blank popup saying “Failed to start” has been fixed.
    alt text

Thanks all!

Thanks dad.

Thank you!