RSPeer 1.86

Hi, RSPeer 1.86 has been released

  • Added BankLocation.getNearestTo(Positionable)

  • The bot now automatically closes after 2 minutes if the instance limit reached view is open

  • PredefinedPath now has a withBuildSubPaths(boolean). false indicates that it should use the path as specified (no internal path shortening or obstacle handling etc)

  • Fixed GrandExchangeSetup.setItem

  • Added getDirection and isFacing to PathingEntity

  • Item internals now support both the interactable component and the model component for situations where they are separate (e.g. Equipment).

  • Added getSize and getArea to Npc, similar to SceneObject

  • Added variantIds and variantStackSizes hooks to RSItemDefinition

  • Fixed

  • Added GrandExchange queries

  • Added targeted and targeters to PathingEntityQueryBuilder

  • Resizable is no longer disabled

  • Fixed issues with Item.getNotedId?

  • Added CHEBYSHEV to the Distance enum

  • Most distance methods now have a variant with a DistanceEvaluator parameter, including queries. This allows you to pass your own evaluator (or one from the Distance enum)


@pennaone said in RSPeer 1.86:

How do we download?

Just run the rspeer launcher or run from bot panel and it will auto download