RSPeer 1.84

Hi, RSPeer 1.84 has been released

  • Fixed an issue with Item.getUnnotedId()

  • Fixed an issue with GrandExchangeSetup.setItem(name)

  • Removed an internal sleep from Dialog processing. It should now be much faster

  • Removed some internal checks for activating Prayers. The API previously checked if a prayer was active before activating it via a varp. Due to some changes in the way these varps work, it has since been changed to check the actions instead

  • should work better

  • Prayers.isUnlocked(Prayer) now works for the raids prayers which have more than just a level requirement

  • Deprecated more inefficient methods in Interfaces. Use InterfaceAddress and/or queries

  • Slightly increased the height of the interface explorer

  • Added a map function to QueryResults

  • Added some more filtering options to InterfaceComponentQueryBuilder

  • SceneObjectQueryBuilder.within(...) is now a lot more efficient

  • Fixed an issue with SceneObjects.getLoaded() where it would infrequently include npcs and players in the results

  • Added SceneObject.getSize() for better exposure

  • Added SceneObject.getArea()

  • Added a query for colors in SceneObjectQueryBuilder

  • Added the ability to block certain urls from being opened by the game

Thanks Spencer :))

Hotfix to fix GrandExchange.setItem for strings has been pushed.

Nice nice