RSPeer 1.82

Hi, RSPeer 1.82 has been released. This build mostly consists of some testing for future activity and internal workings. Aside from that, there are a few small changes mentioned below

  • Fixed an issue with onStop being called twice

  • Added the new RSPeer icon

  • More internal workings

Nice job :heart:

It seems that the api jar is now even more obfuscated, making it hard to check what the several API calls actually do, e.g. Dialog.processContinue(). Can you instead please do the efforts of improving the javadocs?

@TheHolyWaffle What documentation would you expect Dialog.processContinue to have? I feel that the method in question is pretty self explanatory.

Regardless you shouldn’t be decompiling RSPeer

@Spencer It was just an example. To give you an idea, I was having trouble where processContinue would continue too quickly when in conversation with NPC. The issue was that this method was using Time.sleepUntil with the condition to shortcircuit when Dialog.isProcessing became true. However, processing for me never became true within that short timespan. So I knew the solution was to write my own sleeping logic. All of this would have been much harder to figure out if I didn’t know exactly what the method did.

I’m not the only one that has this wish

Furthermore, I’m not going specifically out of my way to decompile the client. I’m only using the ctrl+click functionality of intellij that automatically pops up with the decompiled source :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the sleep in that method affecting functionality much if anything?

Again, the “examples” that are given both by you and in that thread are not reflective of what really needs documentation. Due to this I’m not sure which areas actually need documentation. Whenever I ask people I either get no response or poor “examples” like this.

The thread you linked mentions Login.getState(), but there are constants for this which explain it


@Spencer said in RSPeer 1.82:

Regardless you shouldn’t be decompiling RSPeer

Damn, maybe jagex should add a rule about not decompiling their client too. Botting problem solved!

Added the new RSPeer icon, look nice.