RSPeer 1.80-1.81

Hello everyone, RSPeer 1.81 has been released.

This release is mostly just bug fixes and one new feature.

  • Lumbridge Pub has been fixed. Credits to @Sphiinx for the fix. It was definitely an important one that was affecting a large number of users. I appreciate it.

  • Fixed Inventory.containsAnyExcept

  • TreeScript is now available

  • Added Scene.getDynamic (yw @Ceru)

  • More internal workings

Thanks all!

Thanks RSPeer Staff :face_with_cowboy_hat:

Do you mean the pub with hut?

@ShibaDoge9 said in RSPeer 1.81:

Do you mean the pub with hut?

Pub, sorry

Praise the savior @Sphiinx

@Sphiinx i farded