RSPeer 1.79

Hi, RSPeer 1.79 has been released. This build was mostly released to conduct a few secret tests. Aside from that, there are a few small api fixes and changes mentioned below

  • TreeScript is no longer obfuscated so it can now be used

  • Added Time.sleepWhile with a reset condition parameter, similar to the existing variants for sleepUntil

  • Deprecated a few methods in the Magic class: canAutoCast(), isAutoCasting() and isDefensiveCasting()

  • Added a Magic.Autocast class, this also contains alternatives for the above deprecated methods

  • Added Spell.getName()

  • Fixed an issue with Minigames.teleport

  • PathingEntityQueryBuilder now has a moving() and stationary() method

  • InterfaceComponentQueryBuilder now has a visible() method

  • Rewrote the multiplier finder

Credits to @qverkk for providing the initial autocast api which I used as a base


great updates thanks

Thank you!