RSPeer 1.71/1.72

Hello everyone, RSPeer 1.71 has been released. This update was mainly focused on script developers and allowing more flexibility when writing scripts.

Updates -

  • Kotlin support has been added :slight_smile:
    Kotlin will now work on local scripts allowing scripts with both mixed Kotlin and java.
    Kotlin is also natively supported on the SDN now, but it only allows either a full Kotlin script or a full Java script, you cannot mix on the SDN at this time, due to limitations of our obfuscator.

  • Google Guava has been added to the client.

  • IP Address is now shown in the title pane. This will show your proxies IP if you setup a proxy and it is working.

  • Added better error catching around loading remote and local scripts, now any errors thrown when it fails to load scripts will log severe to your logger. Before it would just not say anything and zero scripts would load.

If you plan to programmatically shutdown the client, use RSPeer.shutdown() so that way it can deregister your instance you are not stuck waiting 5 minutes.


  • Added isStackable & isNoted to Pickable
  • Query builders are now optimized even further, ordering of calls are now handled internally. (e.g. filter by name before a heavy call such as checking for reachability)
  • .on for SceneObjectQueryBuilder and PickableQueryBuilder now makes use of getAtinternally resulting in more efficient result lookups

Thanks all!

grats mad

Thanks for the release :slight_smile:


What client is good to bot for experience?

Sweet, thanks!

Yesss lad


Thanks for the update! @MadDev When I read newQuery() are updated even further, does it also mean that it is now recommended go to solution ?

The broader Kotlin support is huge, thank you! Also very nice to have Guava pre-packaged - Iā€™d put in a vote for also including RxJava in a future release.