RSPeer 1.61

Hi, RSPeer 1.61 has been released. Below is the changelog for this build

  • Fixed issues with Movement.isInteractable. Please let me know if there are still inconsistencies
  • Added RSGrandExchangeOffer.collect(CollectionAction)
  • Added Interfaces.closeAll()
  • Fixed
  • Command input is now published to the EventMediator. You can implement BotCommandListener to access this
  • Added LoginScreen.setDelayOnLoginLimit(boolean). There is a delay by default, which can now be disabled
  • Fixed examine for pickables
  • Added Skills.getTotalLevel()
  • New web UI!

New web UI is dope, finally have some good ways to sort and Lumbridge walking works again <3

EDIT: Nvm Lumby pub is still cooked :frowning:

Thanks Spencer, very cool.

Thanks for the update!

Nice job; The javadocs seem to be down, though.

Does walking through Lumbridge work again?

@alirio700 said in RSPeer 1.61:

Does walking through Lumbridge work again?


Just dropped in as a new user. Been testing 4 bot clients since I came back to osrs last week. This is by far the best client, best community and most efficient free script I could test.

Congrats guys, and most of all, thank you.
I have a strong interest in botting and learning java, so I think I will do my best to learn coding scripts here as a way to study java without going to school haha :smiley: