Road to maxing main with rspeer

I have an old main account that I haven’t played in months that is sitting a little over 2k total.
Rspeer is the first client that im confident enough to try maxing it with, I will be posting proggies in this thread:

3 hours agility- hit 87 agility during this
alt text

3 hours of fishing with yaspers new 3t script(crazy btw)- 93 fishing achieved
alt text

Big old 7 hour proggy of 3t fishing- 94 fishing
alt text

Quick little 3 hour agility proggy-
alt text

88 agility achieved (sorry no proggy :white_frowning_face: )

89 agility-
alt text

89 and 90 FM-
alt text

90 agility-
alt text

91 agility-
alt text

92 agility -
alt text

93 agility-
alt text

94 agility(missed proggy)

95 agility
alt text

96 agility -
alt text
More progress to come

Good luck man. Will be fun to see how far you’ll make it.

Any updates? Would love to see a daily progression on the account with rspeer, if you are able to do so. Good luck!

Good luck, I personally doubt it will make it, but never the less I enjoy progress threads

@Jesse have already seen someone with 99’s.

@hockeyguy7 I’ve got 99’s too, that’s not hard. It’s keeping them alive longer then that.

I’ve been adding proggies to the main post

Are you also babysitting while it bots?

Nah, but i’ve really only been running scripts that I know don’t have issues

Very nice
Keep going!!

@Lizzzerd said in Road to maxing main with rspeer:




So what at least it’s only two days ban not permanent ban? You can keep going… Just babysit the bot ez

@Vemon7 That’s not how it works…

dont listen to him i lost my max main after i carried on botting 4-5 months after my 2 day ban got insta perm baned

@sebcroxford123 1 year bump POG

what course are you using for Agility?