Requirements: Uploading scripts & the Script Writer rank

Hi, so some of you have been requesting information in regards to script developer ranks, I thought I’d enlighten you all in that area. The script developer ranks are a reward for those who have published good scripts, below is a list of requirements for each rank, as well as requirements for uploading scripts to the repository.

Please note that applications for these ranks are not yet available

By submitting to the SDN, you agree to the following:

Requirements for uploading a script to the repository

  • Know how to use Git
  • Basic understanding of Java
    • Datatypes
    • Access modifiers
    • Classes, fields, methods & variables
    • Arrays
    • Objects
    • Error handling
  • Basic understanding of the RSPeer API
  • Good program logic
  • Must be willing to maintain the script
  • Free scripts with the same features as existing Premium scripts will be required to either go Premium or to be limited. If you plan on making it premium, you should obtain the Script Writer rank prior to releasing it

Regarding trials and limitations on sdn scripts

  • A script is required to be limited in some way if a premium variant exists
  • You may not time limit a script unless the above applies, or you have a good reason which is discussed with myself
  • You are releasing a limited version of your own premium script

Your scripts should be built to handle edge cases. Meaning, it should be logically sound for the most part.
An example of this would be, if you are writing a fighting script, your script should not try to attack npc’s already under attack, or try to seek out new npc’s while you are under attack, etc.

Requirements for premium scripts
Please see:

Requirements for the Script Writer rank - This rank demonstrates a strong understanding of Java, the RSPeer API and script writing

  • Minimum join date of 1 month
  • Good understanding of OOP concepts including abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance
  • Good understanding of the RSPeer API
  • Good understanding of standard Java frameworks, such as Collections & Swing
  • Basic mathematical knowledge
  • Some form of open source code. This should be something related to RSPeer or script writing. Note that your application response is heavily influenced by this
  • 2 scripts on the script repository (should demonstrate above requirements) - If it’s a big script, then we may allow one. Side note: If you choose to release premium scripts in the future, you are free to convert any of these scripts to premium upon obtaining the rank and assuming other premium requirements are met, however, you must always have one free script on the SDN


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