refund for spx tut island

Issue: premium spx tutorial island hasnt worked for week now.
Steps to recreate: gets stuck at the combat instruction part every time making it unable to finish tutorial island
Java Version:
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc):
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No):
Error message (If applicable):

Are you on the latest version of RSPeer? Last week equipment broke due to changes made by Jagex but they were fixed shortly after and required you to update the bot. This may be the reason why it does not work for you so please ensure that you are updated

im using the updated client
edit: the script creator promised to fix the script by tomorrow.

he promised me a week ago itd be fixed. better off getting your refund and just waiting until its actually fixed bc he cant keep his word

I’ll refund you if it’s not fixed by the end of tomorrow.

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yea it still isnt updated, can i have refund

he updated the script but it took nearly 2 weeks, can i have refund

I’ve refunded you your tokens.