Refund for Epic Lobsters Pro

Issue: Hi i just bought this bot [Epic Lobsters Pro by 2147M for 750 tokens] fless than 3 hours ago and it Gets stuck during questing, stuck while selling shrimp at GE suppose to be progressive and the muling support sends out errors requests and unable to trade anything over. so the script doesnt really do anything at every step thats suppose to be automated it stops working after 30 mins, i had to start and restart the script many times. The most important thing is the owner of the script posted “Hey all, been away dealing with IRL stuff. I’ll debug when I can, but for now consider this script as-is and know there will be limited if any support. I’ll post any major updates as they’re fixed.” and thats been 8 month ago… when i bought this script i bought it from the webstore where it doesnt show recent comments, upon further investigation there is Multiple reports of people saying its not working. please give me a refund for 750 tokens and i suggest to remove this script from being premium,

Steps to recreate: just run the script and right when u hit 20 fishing it will get stuck at GE selling shrimp, then if you get 40 fishing with a different script and run this to fish lobsters it will gather the lobsters but not mule anything over and just send an error

Java Version: Most recent java
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): Windows
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): No
Error message (If applicable):

Sadly alot of the paid scripts are like this now

Not all of the scripts are like this. As far as I know, the author of this specific script has been inactive for a while. Try contacting an admin directly.

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