Refund for epic fisher plz

Issue: script not working as intended, get stuck alot, have to help it alot, and its just starting lvl 1 fisher, cant imagine how bad it is later!
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i been triying to get a refund for this script as its been broken for a while but didnt notice, dont know why its still in the store, but i would like a refund so i can purchase another one!

Pupok I suggest getting some screenshots and explain the issues you are having. This will make it easier for the staff team to reach a verdict.

Below is a list of things that will make it easier for the staff team.

  • Provide a screenshot/gif of the bugs/crashes.
  • Explain the problems with the script.
  • Have you attempted to contact the script developer along with what was or was not said
  • Provide a screenshot(s) of the loggs showing the issues with said script.

hello, just when i start it at lvl 1, it get stuck walking fordward and backward, for a while untill i move it manually near the spot where i want it to farm, when it flll bags, it just stand there triying to fish again but i dont have space for more, so i have to move it a little bit manually for it to start walking to the bank, then in the bank it get stuck in the stairs, its pretty anoying, the script is broken, i should be getting a refund =/


My bad, just saw this. Refunded you. @pupok

I am having troubles with epic fisher aswell. Try to barbarian fish but it just errors.

“Error connecting to”

Can I get a refund?