Refund for 2x Epic Fisher


  1. Getting Stuck alot and needs manual intervention
  2. Prog is not working at all
  3. Pathfinding is broken on all webwalkers
  4. Breaking with Epic Fisher causes bot to go to bank after break ends even with all items in inventory and gets stuck
  5. High ban rate (within 18-24 hours) and detectable: Tried on 7 accounts and all were banned within a day, all with: Tut Island done manually, 7QP manually and not just Lumby Quests, Membered, 20 Fishing done manually, all different private proxy IPs (account created using proxy as well), ~1-2h run time with 1-3h break with a customized and extensive breaking profile, non-generic emails, non-generic names and character customizations all done manually) and even some accounts were botted on for barely 1-2 hours TOTAL and left untouched and still got banned.

Steps to recreate: Use the bot
Java Version: OpenJDK11
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): Windows 10
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): Yes, different and fresh proxy (that were never used) for each account and never launched an account without one
Error message (If applicable): N/A

Note: Developer is AWOL and hasn’t updated script or responded in a long time + Prog screenshots are deleted which is really fishy