Randomized break perimeters

Ability to create break times with randomized perimeters
for example between 3mins-20mins, break time 30seconds - 6mins.
each time it’ll randomly select a running time and break time.

why, creating break times is to repetitive and a completely randomized system would be a lot more human.

yo my dude it already does this

I agree it does randomize the duration of the break and the time at which is breaks, however the variance seems to be quite low. Like multiple bots with the same break settings will still go on break within a few seconds of each other. Maybe a way to increase the % variance.

how? all i see is the ability to assign multiple break variants.
I’m talking about a more simplified way of simply putting in a wide time frame once, and the bot selecting a random point in that limitation and then breaking for another random point selected in a limitation.
2 settings instead of 50 time frames.

yeah i’ve been break timers and randomising done in better ways for example -

Bot Runtime = 1hr
Bot Runtime variance = -15mins to +15 mins
Bot Breaktime = 30mins
Bot Breaktime Variance = -10mins to +10 mins

Then you can randomise based on that because currently there isn’t much option to do that unless we input manually.