Q Blast Mining

This script is still in early stages, please babysit it and give feedback if possible

Inventory setup
Pickaxe, tinderbox, chiesel, stamina potion, 6 lobsters, 18 dynamite

Pickaxe can be equipped on you, the rest is needed in order for the script to run. Stock up on staminas and dynamite, plus a few thousand lobs (it rarely uses them, for me didn’t use any in past 20h).

Make sure to start it at the bank, also if there will be someone mining in the area, the bot will work wierdly, will need to add worldhopping


Stamina pots
Collecting ores

In progress
Fixing a paint issue where it has trouble tracking ores mined etc

Supported areas
At the moment only 1 near the hopper

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Good job!

Doesn’t work…after it wastes 18 dynamite without depositing the ore…just keeps it in inventory until it dissapears it gets stuck at trying to plant dynamite…he doesn’t take it out the bank

@AK-Kisame Did you make sure to start the bot as the preset i’ve posted and on an empty world? Because if you mine with someone the bot gets confused and may get hit, or do the stuff like it happened to u, but i’m working on a system to worldhop when there’s someone already in our world so this should be gone soon. But for now just make sure to have 18 dynamite, 6 food, pickaxe (inventory or equipment), chiesel, tinderbox, stamina. And full prospector outfit on you (this is very important). If you follow these instructions and still have issues, hit me up on discord (Qeki) as i don’t get notifications here idk why

Can’t see the preset image for some reason.

@qverkk I did not have prospector…whoops. Will try again after I get it and see if it does the same or not .

@AK-Kisame Hope it will work ;p idk if it’s required. It was required in one vid that i did my script based on so yea haha

@qverkk You’ll notice in the tutorial https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/25/the-complete-tutorial-to-script-development that it is recommended to have if statements in the loop that cover every state. In trying your script, it seems like you just loop through the actions, causing it to fail when something unexpected happens. I’m not 100% that is what you are doing, but it seems like it. Best way to improve is by re-visiting script development methodology.

@Plasma007 I don’t follow guides as I don’t need to. Of course you can make if statements to determine what to do next, but not everything is that easy. If you believe you can make a perfect mining path then go for it. I’d love to see your findings occur in your code.

@qverkk Thank you! Just started using your script and it has been working flawlessly, but of course have to make sure there is no other player first.

Edit: If the bot runs out of dynamite in inventory it will spam click and keep trying to plant dynamite. I will try buying dynamite in multiples of 6, maybe that will solve it.

Hello @qverkk, I have been running into a problem where the bot will just stand in front of the last dynamite explosion instead of running to the edge to wait for it. The bot does pick up all blasted ore after that and proceeds normally, but yeah it just keeps taking damage from the last dynamite by not moving after planting it.

Hope it gets fixed soon!

EDIT: After the RSPeer client update everything works normally now.

Been using this for the last month and it works nearly perfectly, but lately it’s just been walking all the way over here:

Do not use this script. Really buggy. Wastes tons of dynamite. Profit p/h is minimal
Looking forward for updates

Really would love to see this fixed.

hello, kind of seems like this isnt being updated anymore… if you need an account to test and update can use mine if youd like or if your not interested in doing it for free i can pay you to get a working blast mine script please respond

Can you fix this script?

Script working perfectly, and for free! I am very thankful! Soon 99 mining :slight_smile:

http://prntscr.com/okzxjq Script works brilliant here’s to getting 99 mining

Hi, the script seems to be good? As my guy is doing things quite efficiently. However, I feel like something is off. I am at 78 mining, yet I’m only getting 5k Mining exp per hour… is this normal??