Pucks AIO Buyer

Pucks AIO Buyer
Buy anywhere from anyone!

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Note: Worldhop only works for MEMS (Done intentionally). This is to reduce a lot of spam with f2p items since I don’t know how much it could effect the economy for f2p.

-Auto hop when out of stock
-Buy any items and as many as you need
-Auto bank (automated)
-Supports all NPC’s that are tradeable via right click trade.
-Stops script automatically if GP <= GP threshold
-Buy if stock > x
-You can now choose names from the shop if the shop is open
-Profile selection (Npc names and banks won’t save)

How to use?

Make sure to have coins in your inventory! or the script will stop

To use this script you basically input items and their amount. Amount is basically for those people who want to buy let’s say 2 buckets, 3 jugs and 1 pot. It will buy them in that order and repeat till the inventory is full.

Item names are case sensitive so you must type them as they are shown in game or else it will not find the item.

To-do list:
-Add profiles
-Add cli to launch a profile automatically (if available)
-Possibly add paint if in demand lmao (currently has none)
-Worldhop delay

Known issues
Cannot find bank booth Fixed
Doesn’t automatically open doors if the npc isn’t reachable Fixed
Only opens 1 pack at a time (will be fixed next week, too busy atm). Fixed
Some places it starts to spazz out when walking, this is web walker related (especially in Zeah).

If one of the issues persist, please just wait at least a day and try again before telling me. Because of SDN updates, they aren’t instant.


sick script, much needed! this would be even more awesome if it would open packs when inventory gets full. would also be useful to add so one can decide to buy items until stock reaches X amount.

PS: I tried using the script in port sarim fish shop but it wouldn’t let me because no bank could be detected even with maxed area radius. when buying packs banking is not needed anyways so having an option to disable banking would be helpful

@burundanga Bank issue was fixed, I can make it open packs and you want me to make it so you can buy all items till stock reaches a certain amount? Why would that be needed?

If you can give me a good enough reason, I’ll gladly add it.

@puck sorry, what I meant was: don’t buy if stock is below X

to prevent from buying an item when it no longer is profitable. having the script sleep/wait until item restocks and goes down in price would be useful when other players come crashing you, buying out the entire stock :slight_smile:

Any chance you could make it so we don’t need to select a bank? Afterall some items are stackable thanks :slight_smile:

@Carcinoma It won’t back if your inventory isn’t full. So if it stacks up as a noted item then it won’t ever bank, just don’t make it fill your inventory up.

@Burundanga I’ll consider this.

I will be adding and updating on Friday as I have other things to attend to during the weekdays. Making it wait for the price to go back down is a bit difficult without making it spam the price check every so often. I’ll see how I go when I finish adding the other stuff I wanted to add.

@Puck awesome, thanks!

no need to make it spam check for price, allowing users to set in the GUI not to buy specified item when stock is below X should be enough :slight_smile:

@Burundanga Aight I’ll add that in.

So I’ve tried two different vendors and with different items and locations. It buys the stock and once the item is sold out, the bot closes the shop and it does nothing. It won’t hop worlds. I’ve tried with the option checked and unchecked, the bought items with different increments, one of the items stacks and the other doesn’t. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a currently existing bug.

@aperez592 Could be the web, I had the same problem.

@DaAlmyte Did you find a work around until it gets fixed? I tried manually hopping but the bot doesn’t shop again.

@Tok Nope can’t do anything about until the web at your location gets mapped atleast that is the case for me. Where are you trying to buy from?

@Puck ty! <3

@Tok What does the logger say? If it says walking then it’s a webwalker problem.

EDIT: Yea I made it buy at different increments lmao. I didn’t expect people to be buying expensive items from the shop, that was all. For example if you put amount of 15, it’ll buy 10 then 5. But it’s also based off of your inventory count so it gets a bit complicated.

It’s really hard to know what people need and stuff, I could make it buy precisely the exact amount. For example, buy 20 tuna and 8 raw tuna and then bank. Or buy 10 tuna and 2 oaks then bank and repeat. Wouldn’t be hard to add at all but it all heavily depends on what you’re doing with this script.

@Puck Logger is getting stuck at “buy exec”.

  1. buy exec
  2. shop not open
  3. buy exec
  4. buy exec

It’s happening at Aubury in Varrock while buying any rune. I haven’t tried rune packs though.

@Tok Ok you’re doing something wrong or the bot is meming you. Reason: I bought at Aubury 2 days ago and it worked 100% fine with both packs and runes.

Can you tell me what system you’re using? If you’re using Linux then rip you. Once the new update gets pushed, can you try again?

I’ve looked at the code and it reaches the buy exec loop, it then should print if it failed to buy an item. Therefore, it means it’s attempting to buy an item but can’t. Just remember, item names are case sensitive and if it buys it out of stock and breaks, then it’s possibly an issue with RSPeer. However, when the update comes make a profile and save it. Give me the profile (located in your documents/data/Puck/PucksAIObuyer/profilename.json.

Then I’ll try it myself and if it happens to me, I can figure out the problem much more easily.

But to me it works fine 100%.

same thing happens to me after few minutes @Tok and it always buys more than buy if stock> with amount 1

@Puck thanks for adding the: buy if stock > x

I’m having some issues with a couple things though, not sure if because of linux or what.

  1. when packs have been bought and inventory is full it only opens one pack instead of opening all of them.

  2. when setting it to buy amount = 1 it still sometimes buys 5 or 10.

  3. it buys specified items too fast lol, would be epic if there was a way to regulate the speed. I tried fiddling with engine tick delay in the client settings but it didn’t do much for me.

  4. the banking is still problematic when buying packs in port sarim because there are no banks close by that get detected, and script doesn’t allow to start without selecting a bank. maybe it could be fixed by allowing users to tick a box in the GUI that disables banking all together.

inb4: tysm for an awesome script!:slight_smile: