PSpeer Dedected?

Hey i did Tut island by myself and levled up the account 100% by myself, got a perm ban, how ?
Not even used a bot to login

100%Legit Acc Ban Count: 2

Also get error massage in the logs

Received bad request Response from server. Response(“Error”:“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”)


yeah 100% RSPeer didnt have other client

Hi, it’s not possible to get banned playing legit through RSPeer as it doesn’t directly change or do anything differently unless you’re running a script. Possibilities could include you being flagged or you botted


happened to me as well last year. i was prepping legit accounts on rspeer and got banned. @Lezor pm on discord and ill debunk ur claim in 10 secs

Did you play using a VPN?

Feel free to pm.

Although I don’t know how the whole ban and anti-ban works, I’m sure Rspeer cant be detected if its only legit playing. If you never botted through the client, although it injected its library into the game, no values would be altered. Although I can’t prove it without recording a 10h video, I have been just having fun playing legit for around 5-7 hours a day last week and the account is still working fine.