[PREMIUM] Stellar Magic | Progressive AIO Magic | Lunar Spellbook | Curse/Alch | Tele/Alch | Enchanting | Superheat | Alchemy

Stellar Magic :star2:

All In One Progressive Magic - Over 180k+ XP/Hr


Script ban rate: Low


  • Tele/Alching or Curse/Alching is a click intensive process, if a player sees you tele/alching in camelot or curse/alching in lumbridge for 8 hours straight with no hiccups, they will probably report you. Otherwise, you should be safe, to evade bans train in less populated areas.

An all in one progressive magic script.


  • Lunar Spells (Humidify Clay, Tan Leather, Superglass Make, String Jewellery, Spin Flax, Plank Make)
  • Progressive Curse/Alch from Level 1 (Wind Strike) - Get from Level 1 to 55 in under 2 hours with Low Level Alchemy
  • Progressive Tele/Alch from level 25 (Including Low Level Alchemy if desired)
  • Cursing from Confuse (Level 3) up to Stun
  • Teleport up to Kourend
  • High / Low Level Alchemy with task system (choose a list of items to alch)
  • Enchanting -> Sapphire to Dragonstone
  • Superheat -> All Bars


  • If tele/alching, keeps teleporting when out of items to alch
  • If curse/alching, keeps cursing when out of items to alch
  • Supports all types of elemental staves (fire battlestaff, mud staff, lava staff, etc)
  • Progressive or selective modes for Cursing, Teleport, Alchemy, and Hybrid methods (Curse/Alch, Tele/Alch).

Progress Reports:

Progressive Curse/Low Alching from Level 5


Level 3 Enchant


P2P Curse/Alching - 180k XP/Hr


Progressive Tele/Alch (Camelot -> High Level Alch) 140k XP/Hr




  • Make sure to have at least -65 Magic Attack to ensure that spells will splash
  • If starting from level 1, have around 30-35 air and mind runes in Inventory

Progressive Teleporting:

  • Only tick the teleport boxes in the GUI if you have unlocked the requirement for the teleport. For example, only select Ardougne Teleport in the options if your character has finished Plague City.


v0.01 - Initial Release
v0.02 - Fix progressive curse P2P bug, adjust hybrid alchemy timings
v0.03 - Hotfix for cursing unreachable NPCs, adjust timings for base curse method


Add support for quick start
Splashing / Casting (Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, Surge)


Price: 600 Tokens
Instances: 2 Instances

For more instances: simply purchase the script again for another 2 instances

Seems like a nice script. The price and allotted instances is very fair. will try on my f2p pure tomorrow (:

high alc teleporting works great been going for a few hours off and on. I did however have problems attempting to splash the zammy monk. it seemed to only cast alc and not cast vulnerability

same thing with enfeeble. it will cast it once then only cast alc

@sexpert Awesome.

@T821 Thanks for letting me know, I pushed a fix just now. Once it’s approved, the monk of zamorak should work properly. The update will be live when the Script version is 0.03

Update v0.04 coming soon!

  • GUI overhaul
  • World hop:
    • After x amount of time
    • Any other player within x distance
    • On message in public chat

Very enjoyable script. does really well getting my mage up on f2p account. 80-90k hr.

@sexpert Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you like it :+1:

does this support ardy tele / alch / stun?

@Constellation did the 0.04 update get pushed yet?

It does stun/alch, and tele/alch, but not stun/tele/alch.

I’ve been busy these past few days but I’m working on it, I have to test everything to make sure it works properly :ok_hand:

Changed to premium, gratz

How do you get 150k xp/h doing curse alch? It’s not possible to get more than (29 + 65) * 1200 = 112800xp/h.

@Spencer Thanks! More to come :v:

@zann Your calculations are correct for F2P. To get 150k+ you have to use P2P spells like Vulnerability, Enfeeble or Stun.

Just purchases this, so far so good with the progressive curse spells.

When superheating mithril bars it glitches out when theres only 2 coal left and spams it.

@runehane Alright, thanks for letting me know. It’s a little late for me now so I’ll test it tomorrow and push a fix asap.


Doing gold bars also fails immediately too


Guess with gold its just picky with the bank which is strange because steel worked at GE.

I just pushed a fix for the mithril bug, the update is live.

I wasn’t able to recreate the gold bar bug, I tested it at the GE and varrock west bank just now and it worked fine. Check to see if your RSPeer client is up-to-date.