[PREMIUM] Stellar Ethereum Alchemy - Muling | GE Support - 150K-850K GP/Hr - 50K+ Magic XP/Hr

Stellar Ethereum Alchemy :money_with_wings:

Available on the SDN :heavy_check_mark:

Use Stellar Magic to get to 55 Magic in a little over 2 hours on a new account!


This script charges and high alchs Ethereum bracelets for a nice cool profit. When out of supplies, the script will restock from the GE. :moneybag:

NOTE: The price of bracelets are not stable, it tends to fluctuate from anywhere as low as 43.5K GP to as high as 44.5K GP, the average price is around ~43.9K.
When the price is around 43.5K you make BANK ~850K GP/Hr. When the price is around 44.4K you make very little profit comparatively. Don’t expect 850K GP/Hr for 30 days straight, but you can expect to make a serious amount of GP in 30 days, I’ve made countless mills with this script. But at times it can seem slow, just ride it through to the good profits.

Script Ban Rate: Low


  • The players who like to chat in the GE also like to report bots (RIP those Awesome gambling bots). You should be relatively safe if you hide under other alchers or hop worlds (or stay in a populated world) every once in awhile.

Why use this script?:

  • You can set up a very low maintenance bot to farm gold for your legit characters.
  • Set up a gold farm with a few of these bots to make some serious GP.
  • Low Requirements: 55+ Magic, 10m+ GP Recommended, As low as 1m possible
  • Low risk, generally there are a lot of people at the GE, so someone reporting your character out of the 100s of others seems very unlikely, especially with all the spammers, scammers and dicing bots around.
  • I recommend running this script on a relatively high population world. More specifically, the more people there are at the GE, the better/safer you will be.


  • Fast: Up to 1k Casts/Hr
  • Grand Exchange Support - Will restock when out of supplies
  • Muling support using Clan Chat
  • World Hopper - Choose to hop every X minutes to a world with a minimum population of your choice (Will hop to random world if no worlds meet minimum population requirement)
  • Saves and automatically reloads previous settings
  • Quick Start Support
  • Huge profit, up to 750K GP/Hr

Progress Report

33 Hours - 5M Starting Cash - 17M Profit 525K GP/Hr


6 Hours -50M Starting Cash - 4.1M Profit - 386K Magic XP


2 Hours - 60M Starting Cash - 1.5M Profit - 775K GP/Hr - 1100 Spells Casts/Hr


12 Hours - 5M Starting Cash - 6M Profit - 500K GP/Hr


22 Hours - 5M Starting Cash - 11M Profit 500K GP/Hr


24 Hours - 10M Profit User PR: During a period where bracelet prices were VERY high



  • 55+ Magic

How to Start:

  • Disable High Alch Warning (See Below)

  • Have a fire staff equipped
  • Start at the GE
  • Choose options in GUI for the first time

How to use Quick Start:

  • Start the script using the GUI at least once, then your settings will be automatically saved (Make sure to hit the “Start Script” button)
  • Use the script arguments -load

Example Quick Start JSON

        "RsUsername": "fake",
        "RsPassword": "fake",
        "World": 382,
        "ScriptName": "Stellar Ethereum Alchemy",
        "IsRepoScript": true,
        "ScriptArgs": "-load",
        "ProxyName": "",
        "Config": {
            "LowCpuMode": true,
            "SuperLowCpuMode": false,
            "EngineTickDelay": 0,
            "DisableModelRendering": true,
            "DisableSceneRendering": true

How to setup Muling:

Muling GUI

  1. Make sure each bot is on the same clan chat
  2. Choose the amount of GP for the bot to keep, so it can continue alching (values like 7.5 are allowed, note it is in millions, so 7.5 = 7,500,000 GP)
  3. Choose the world that the Mule will be in
  4. Choose the trigger word to get the bots to start muling
  5. Enter the name of the mule, make sure the name is correct.

When you are ready to mule, have the mule send the trigger word on the clan chat. For example, if you chose the trigger word “return”, have the mule type “/return”. The bots will then sell the materials, keep the desired amount of gold, hop worlds and trade the mule, then hop back and continue alching.

How to Disable High Alch Warning

  • Open spellbook, right click on High Alchemy
  • Click warning. Set the warning to something high like 1mill
  • Alch faster :sunglasses:
  • You might have to relog for the change to take effect


v0.01 - Initial release
v0.02 - Fixed randomly getting stuck in GE window, small buying adjustments


Tokens: 750 Tokens
Instances: 1 Instance.

Awesome release!

how do we get the trial?

Right now we have to wait until the script is approved by the staff. It shouldn’t take too long, they are usually really fast with this stuff.

Hey, loving the script atm. Just wondering why the developer is ManBearPig instead of Constellation? or are they the same people or what?
Keep up the banger scripts

looks interesting, would like to try the free trial!

I changed my forum name but my SDN repository is still my old name.


Free Trial Available on the SDN:arrow_left: for 7 days

trys to use ethrum on noted bacelets

Got it working, maybe add a check see if already has nats?

why does it buy natures when restock I already have 10k in my invent just bought 29 lol

also buys more etrum if bracelets arent bought fast enough :confused:

i now have .2k etherum

ok my posts need Deleting

1: First started it tried using etherum on noted braces(not happened since
2: but natures even if there is some, and buy more and more everytime bus etherum and braclets
3: buy more and more etherum, then goes back sees bracelets finished buying and buys more

now stuck in a loop because all my money is tied up in etherum and bracelets and trying to buy more natures even tho there is more than enough.
stuck in a loop running back and forth trying to buy natures with not enough money.

Needs lot of failsafes for things like that

well im 2.1m down lol

it remebers from the las amount braclets it bought say 60, and if they werent all bought at once it will continue to buy 60 more ether and nats even tho there is say 2 left to buy

Maybe in the future just edit your one post or just post a couple of times, this is too much! :laughing:

I’ll have the script only buy natures if you are out. As well as a few other things regarding buying. There are also some bugs I ran into while running the script overnight that need fixing.

i had like over 5k nature and it still bought more, hopefully this can be fixed. just make it so that the bot can check if you have the items already or not.


It will be fixed in the next update, along with a few other minor things.

thanks, also does the script always have to examine the bracelet?
alt text

it does not buy nature rune if it runs out… or charge the ones the bot put together
alt text