[Premium] Obor Grinder


  • Food in bank
  • Varrock teleport runes
  • Good enough stats to take damage from Obor (Does not safespot or use prayer)


  • Fights dungeon hill giants for Obor keys
  • Supports basic combat styles only (No snares & prayer)
  • Only enters Obor instance if there’s enough food in inventory
  • Supports looting & burying big bones while fighting hill giants
  • Supports custom item looting while fighting hill giants
  • Loots everything dropped by Obor
  • Auto banking on full inventory or when restocking for food


  • 1 instance: $5
  • 3 to 5 instances: $4.5 per instance
  • 6 or more instances: $4 per instance

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Script is released on the SDN