[Premium] GF's Grand Exchange Auto Alcher | Calculates profitable items to alch | Restocks from GE | Buys staff of fire/nature runes

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Why use this script?

  • Less click intensive than ethereum bracelets = low ban rate
  • There will always be profitable items to alch, ensures consistent profit
  • Never run out of supplies, start script and forget about it
  • Low requirements, start with as low as 300k gp
  • Works in F2P

alt text


  • Calculates most profitable items to alch using up to date OSBuddy prices
  • Restocks items to alch and nature runes
  • Buys staff of fire if none equipped, start script with just cash and let it run!

Q: Script crashes when trying to alch something valuable
A: Set the limit higher, the script will not set the limit for you.

Q: Why doesn’t it withdraw from the bank?
A: This script does not touch your bank at all. Put all the money/runes/noted items you want to work with in your inventory.

¿Lo llamas gf porque no puedes conseguir uno?


So far so good. thanks a ton mane
EDIT: Nvm i used it for about 5 hours and got banned.
Yes i had breaks.

There’s no way for u to tell what got you banned unless this was literally the only thing you used in the last month+ and I really doubt that, it’s unlucky but it could have been anything.