[Premium] GF's Grand Exchange Auto Alcher | Calculates profitable items to alch | Restocks from GE | Buys staff of fire/nature runes

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Why use this script?

  • Less click intensive than ethereum bracelets = low ban rate
  • There will always be profitable items to alch, ensures consistent profit
  • Never run out of supplies, start script and forget about it
  • Low requirements, start with as low as 300k gp
  • Works in F2P

alt text


  • Calculates most profitable items to alch using up to date OSBuddy prices
  • Restocks items to alch and nature runes
  • Buys staff of fire if none equipped, start script with just cash and let it run!

Q: Script crashes when trying to alch something valuable
A: Set the limit higher, the script will not set the limit for you.

Q: Why doesn’t it withdraw from the bank?
A: This script does not touch your bank at all. Put all the money/runes/noted items you want to work with in your inventory.

ÂżLo llamas gf porque no puedes conseguir uno?


So far so good. thanks a ton mane
EDIT: Nvm i used it for about 5 hours and got banned.
Yes i had breaks.

There’s no way for u to tell what got you banned unless this was literally the only thing you used in the last month+ and I really doubt that, it’s unlucky but it could have been anything.

This was the only thing i used in the last month on that account.
All my other accounts that i have been botting on are fine. i tested this with one of them to see what would happen and this was the result.

I’ve got banned too 6-8 hours. I used breaks and account was fresh and hand trained.
I guess something in this script triggers antibot algorithm

Do not purchase this script.
I had a pure with 75 attack, 90 strength, 86 mage, 52 prayer, 1 defence, 80 ranged.
This account was banned the DAY AFTER using this script.
I only used this script for 6 hours and I had breaks set for every 30-60 minutes for 5-15 minutes at a time.
Not sure what it is , but it’s poorly written, and outdated.
Pretty sure the writer has also not made updates to it in a very long time.
Good bye to my beautiful AGS pure.

Try to appeal the ban (all bans are appealable) and in the future do not for any reason bot on accounts you aren’t willing to lose

All bans are NOT appealable ? What are you speaking ?.. It literally says “THIS BAN IS NON APPEALABLE”. That’s what EVERY macroing ban says. Maybe you can enlighten me ?.. Lol. Also, maybe in the future, I can just purchase scripts that are well written and kept-up with. I paid money for an outdated script… That should have been taken down for multiple accounts getting banned in a row, as well as taken down for the inactivity from the writer.

In the future you shouldn’t bot on accounts you care about. End of story. This is the risk for running ANY script no matter how well made it is. And yes ALL bans are appealable even if they say otherwise.


Set high alch value limit higher 3head

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