[Premium] foxen AirOrbs | Progressive 1-66 magic - Restocking - Pker avoidance

A fully automatic air orb script with progressive magic training. Set up your farm in minutes!

This method requires membership!


  • Fully automatic 1-66 progressive magic training
  • Restocking
  • Muling
  • Fast air orb charging
  • Smart PKer avoidance
  • Accurate profit tracker
  • Arguments

Magic training
The script allows you to train your magic to level 66 starting from any level. Based on the magic level it will choose the appropriate method and buy the required supplies. In order for you to go from level 1 to 66 magic your account needs an initial cash stack of 1.5m, of which a sum remains after the training. The following methods are used to level up magic:

  • Splashing: 1 - 43 (Selects the best spell to cast)
  • Superheat item: 43-55
  • High level alchemy: 55-65.5
  • Fire strike against guards (Trains hp to level 24): 55.5 -65

There are two thing you need to make sure before training a new account:

  • Make sure the player has enough starting cash

Muling works through the clanchat. Whenever your mule writes the keyword in the clan chat the script will mule over all the gold to the mule. You should position your mule at the ferox enclave bank. The script does not join the clan chat. In order to use muling you have to use the script arguments. The script supports the following arguments, all of which are required:

  • -muleName
  • -muleKeyword
  • -muleWorld
  • -region

The region specifies which worlds the script will hop to whenever it encounters a PKer. The value should be either EU or US.

Argument names and values are seperated by a ‘=’. Example arguments:
“-muleName=“MyMule123” -muleKeyword=“hello” -muleWorld=324 -region=EU”



-PKer avoidance improved (no longer tries to escape from dangerous players in the edgeville dungeon)
-Guard targeting improved (will not get stuck trying to attack a guard which is already in combat)

-Restocking improved
-Hitpoints training added
-Orbs are now charged as fast as possible

Gets stuck in the first room in the edgeville dungeon clicking random tiles, but after manually walking it through the door it goes back to normal.

Daxwalker never got stuck when I used it, please try changing it

That did the trick, thanks.

used this for 18 hours and got stuck at clan wars overnight - didnt know where to walk “no valid path found”

Make sure to use daxwalker