[PREMIUM] Fork's AIO Construction - 700,000+ XP/Hr | 1-99 | Tons of Furniture | Customizable Progressive Mode | Banking | Servants | Builds Rooms | & More!

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Welcome to the release of my AIO Construction.

I’ve made this script with the idea of minimal user input in mind to get 99 construction! Just own a house, have the required items in your bank, and let the script do the rest! Fast interactions along the way help you gain levels quickly, and reduce the amount of time you have to spend botting.

Note: It is recommended to start Progressive at Castle Wars with nothing in your inventory, nothing equipped, and all required items in your bank.

Progressive Demo

:movie_camera:Levels 1-50 (in less than 45 minutes!)
Click Here!


:bed: Furniture

  • Support for a ton of Furniture (and structured to be able to add more with ease)
  • Removes / builds Furniture extremely fast.
  • Builds Rooms necessary to build Furniture
  • Automatically builds Beds & Bell-Pull to call Servant if needed

:bust_in_silhouette: Servants

  • Supports unnoting materials at Phials
  • Supports Cook, Butler, and Demon Butler
  • Supports hiring / firing Servants
  • Manages Inventory to send off Servant as fast as possible
  • Supports paying Servant

:moneybag: Banking

  • Supports banking at Castle Wars
  • Withdraws all necessary Items for current target Furniture

:fireworks: Teleportation

  • Supports Teleporting to House, Castle Wars, and Fishing Guild with required Jewelry or Teleport

:white_check_mark: Standalone Mode:

  • Supports building a single piece of Furniture
  • Supports Servants
  • Options to toggle Furniture and Servants you do not have the required level for

:heavy_check_mark: Customizable Progressive Mode

  • Supports building your own Progressive Construction!
  • Add any Servant/Furniture to your progressive sequence
  • Specify starting level
  • Easily remove task, clear all tasks, or set to default progressive sequence
  • Automatically sorts sequence by level

:stop_sign: Stop Trigger Customization

  • Stop at specified level, time, or never!

:book: Summary

  • Displays user with directions, required items, and optional items to have in your bank at the start of script
  • Automatically updates required items summary when changes are made on the main tab

:lower_left_paintbrush: Paints

  • Choice of either main paint or simple paint
  • Easily toggleable by pressing “F9”
  • Implemented mainly for players that want to see the chatbox while the script is running
    Current main paint:


900 Tokens for 5 Instances

Quick tip: If starting the script using a previously built house and plan to use a butler with the script, make sure you have 2 beds and a bell pull already built within close proximity to your house portal.

Change Log

- v0.10 - Premium release! Removed time limits.
- v0.11 - Added fix for bug that caused servant dialog loop
- v0.12 - New main paint!
- v0.13 - Removed user input enabled on start. Added some log messages.
- v0.14 - Fixed bug that caused player to withdraw items with partially matching names.
- v0.15 - Fixed bug caused by previous update. Refactored & renaming.
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Looks amazing, great work!

Does this support the mythical cape method?

Looks great! Can’t wait to try it out.

@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasdf Not at the moment. I’ll look into adding it. Might need to borrow an account to test though.

Great script.

It does have some minor hiccups though such as:

  • Tries to hire the Cook servant without a bedroom present
  • Banking in Castle Wars seems awfully slow and buggy (laggs the client)

@Skilinium Still looking into the bedroom issue. I found banking is very laggy when running the script through the SDN, but locally has no issues. Finding the issue now. Thanks for the feedback.

When building oak larders, the script sends demon butler to bank to get 26 oak planks instead of 24, which would be the correct amount for best xp

@Timpingftw I intentionally made it to get the max amount of materials for each servant, with getting the most materials out of each trip, gp wise, in mind. I’ll have to look at xp differences, but I can’t imagine an extra 2 dialog screens makes too much of an effect. I could add a preferred count for certain items, although generally I believe getting the max amount of items per trip is preferable.

@Skilinium + everyone else: Script now will now build beds if 2 are not present and you are using a servant. Right now, it will continue to check for the necessary furniture required for the Servant while you are in your house. Disabled main paint and changed a few things with banking to try to solve the freezing + bugs when running the script from the SDN. Again, I have no problems when running the script locally, so wondering if it’s something external.

Update pending approval :slight_smile:

I mean, it does seem like it interacts fast enough for the perfect 550k xp/h, but with the current method I’m having 350k xp/h with Oak larders and Demon Butler.

EDIT: Only 260k this time after 1h

@Timpingftw Gotcha. Ill look into it.

Also, I believe I’ve fixed the freezing bug while banking. Waiting for update to get approved and I’ll be able to confirm.

Update live. Freezing is fixed!

@Timpingftw Added preferred servant item count that you can set in the gui. Pending approval.

Can you add oak doors?

@devereux Yup, that’ll be in the next update.

Currently, the script is really buggy with a demon butler. I have hired the demon butler, and also have a bed for it, have a bell pull and everything set to go.

When I choose to use my servant, it will freeze in conversation, and will also not build any oak larders Will work if I have phials set as my servant though.

@khizer Just tested it and I am not experiencing any bugs. Could you screenshot/tell me what dialog screen it gets stuck on? Also your settings including standalone or progressive, type of furniture, etc. You can contact me on Discord as well. ADivorcedFork#4742

Update with preferred servant item count is live. Oak doors coming next…

where is this on the SDN :frowning:

You can find it if you look in the Construction category and filter by Premium scripts :wink: @THS

Honestly I don’t like how this one works, really. Behaviour is too inhuman, bot gets stuck at times trying to talk to butler who already has full inventory, telling him to fetch more. I did get 50-85 construction with time restricted botting (1-3 hours a day) but I am afraid I can get banned soon enough as bans are delayed.