[PREMIUM] bRoguesDen - Runs Rogues Den for the outfit

How to use:

  • Be in the rogue’s den
  • Have 50 thief & 50 agil
  • Unlock the minigame by talking to Richard O’Brien
  • Have strange fruits in bank, to refill energy after laps


  • Does the minigame
  • Refills energy (currently only refills with Strange fruits, cheapest option)
  • Banks
  • Keeps track of crate amount
  • Stops at 5 crates

alt text
alt text


  • Maybe improve it to get the quickest completion times


  • Tokens: 2500
  • Instances: unlimited

Dam boy :owl:

I Love You

Not giving people a tatste before pricing it up?

id like a trial please

it is on trial lol

absloutly flawless just done a full lap in 5 minutes

dont know if thats good or bad but performance is amazing

one flaw a little one

it opens the bank 3 different times to eat the fruit

opens withdraws , closes, repeats

Works smoothly as intended. Got full set in 2 hours with bad RNG.

buracc you are truely amazing <3

First attempt it did, it got itself caught by the guards…

Edit: Same with second guard

Edit2: Again

@zann I’ll check it out, might have to make it react faster in the final area

@buracc Just going to report that after I came back from my lecture, the bot got the five crates. The bot is not at fault, it does the course almost flawlessly, however, it may take a bit longer time to get the full set.
Thank you Thank you!

Edit: You might wanna check when the bot is eating the strange fruit, that it takes out 3 and eats them all at once.

@zann Yes, I will add some calculations for that

I actually love you! Great realise man!


  • Better energy refilling. Currently withdraws 1 strange fruit, eats, checks energy, and checks if it needs more, repeat.

I don’t get caught at all its to do with your agility level and thieving

Also can’t you make it read the widget on the minimap without closing the bank to check energy?

anyways got the full set last night and wasn’t caught once.

I did encounter one more problem where it stopped and went no further

the pit were you dangle on the wall after it got over that it just stopped and went no further,



alt text


  • Added lap counter to paint
  • Adjusted energy refilling
  • Slightly adjusted the speed at the bandit part, shouldn’t get caught now if bandit is in an unlucky spot

Just gets caught at withdrawing strange fruits… keeps on trying to withdraw them.