[PREMIUM] bHideTanner - Tans dragonhides | MULING | GE RESTOCKING


  • If you want to use muling, the account has to be in your mule’s clan chat.


  • Currently only supports Al-Kharid
  • Does NOT restock wealth/duel rings


  • Easy setup:
    • Give the bot gold
      • The script will automatically buy hides this way and start tanning. You do not need to give the bot hides. The script will also make sure you have enough money to use for tanning hides.
    • Give the bot rings of wealth (to be able to teleport to grand exchange to resupply)
    • Give the bot rings of dueling (to teleport back to al kharid after resupplying)
  • Restocking:

    • Whenever bot runs out of dragonhides, teleports to grand exchange, sells leathers, buys new hides and goes back to tanning.
  • Stamina potions: Will withdraw and use stamina potions if available.

  • Muling:
    • Specify your mule name in the configuration.
    • Specify your keywords for muling, meaning that whenever the script detects your keyword in the clan chat, it will start the muling process.
    • Specify what world you want the bots to hop to, to trade your mule.
    • Bots trade dragonhides, leathers and coins during muling.
      • Tip: During muling, give the bot enough gold and rings for it to be able to restock supplies.
    • Bots hop to a random members world after muling is completed.

GUI tutorial:
alt text

  • Type: Select which type of dragonhides to tan
  • Mule name: your mule’s name (can leave empty if you’re not going to mule automagically).
  • Mule keyword: a word that you type in clan chat that will trigger your bots to start muling.
  • Start keyword: after muling, you type this keyword in clanchat to make the bots continue tanning.
  • Mule world: the world that your bots should hop to, to trade your mule.
  • Low CPU: sets low CPU mode.

Script arguments:

  • -nogui: Launches the script directly without opening the GUI. You DO need to configure the script at least once through the GUI for the script to be able to read the settings from the config file.


Video of muling:
https://streamable.com/okx4a (not the hide tanner, but it works exactly the same way)


  • Price: 500 tokens per month
  • Instances: 3 instances
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how do I get this

@iProtomistical Please wait for this to be approved and uploaded to the SDN :slight_smile:

This was running fantasic for about 1hr 45min then it just wouldnt run to tanner anymore even after restarts and client restart.

@iProtomistical was there any message in the log?

I tired it out today and it got stuck just sitting at the bank with a stamina pot and black dragon in the inv. I went ahead and grabbed the error log. Hope it helps.

@T821 aright, ill check it out, can you also show me what it said before the error log?

Bot ran for a little over an hour and then just stopped working was just standing still even when restarting the client it wouldnt run again.

@goingprotoday hey, can you show me the log?

i will if it happens again just got an 18 hr proggie and ran smooth im willing to pay for the script

@goingprotoday great, im also testing it right now. No issues yet

i cannot see what is doing exactly, but it opens and closes the bank about 3 times before it draws out the hides.

this happens 1 outta 3 run backs to the bank

@papakonnekt it probably doesn’t detect the hides in the bank, this has been an issue for a while

@buracc ok thank you for fast reply, ill let you know if i find any other bugs, but over all you have great scripts. your seagull killer is how i lvl all of my accounts to begin with, never had a ban on that script to date.
keep up the great freaking work !

@buracc are you still working on this script? Im interested in creating a bot farm with it and it has all the bases covered so far as one of the best tanner scripts ive used based on the fact that it buys the dhides for you, only thing is i cant get the muling system to work.

@goingprotoday yes, I am. You can always contact me on Discord if you need help


  • Lowered price increase amount from 3 -> 1 time(s) when buying hides


  • Fixed loading/saving settings

i think u should increase the instances when it becomes premium

wth? 4 instances isin’t enough at 400k/hr per acc? lets do some simple mcmaths. even if we take a low end 300k and times it by 4 accounts that is 1.2m/hr obviously 10 hours would give you 12m which is WAY more than enough to sell and make back the credits you spent. 4 instances is VERY fair and imo burak is being very generous.

@buracc @goingprotoday I also think you should increase the instances when it becomes paid for.