• Kills sand crabs at Zeah
  • Eats specified food at specified health percentage
  • Uses potions for boosts
  • Re-pots
  • Uses special attacks if enabled
  • Banks
  • Resets aggro
  • Also works on the island
  • Saves all your settings upon script start
  • Humanized speeds and delays

How 2 use


  • Toggle usage of food (banks for food if no food left). Meant for high level accs which don’t require food/banking.
  • Specify food to use
  • Specify health percentage to eat food at


  • Toggle potion usage
  • Specify potion to use (can add support for more potions on request)
  • Specify the amount of potion to withdraw each time
  • Add it to the list of potions to use
  • Click on a potion in the list to remove it from the list
  • Re-potting: If you input 3, it will check if current boosted level is lower than 3 and re-pot accordingly


  • Toggle special attack usage
  • Specify spec energy


  • 1 instance = 400 tokens

Holy shit! Finally!

burak the #truth. a banking combat script <3

no ban? kappa

Can you make it so the script runs a certain amount of distance from the chosen spot to stand? I was standing at the most west spot and having it run to the potato field each time is pretty far. Other then that this is fire asf

You should enable potion drinking, 20 combat potions will last hours.

@admire yes I can do that
@zann I can do that also

@buracc make sure to support range while ur at it please :slight_smile:

@admire What do you mean? It supports ranged

@buracc range pots sorry


  • Added potions support
  • Changed aggro reset method

ya, pls range pots support, buracc senpai (I haven’t tried yet so if it does pls disregard)

Added, will be available in the next update

Sorry, but I’m unsure as to how my character is supposed to reset aggro. Halp pls

I don’t think the new aggro reset method is working.
edit: confirmed not working.

weird. works fine for me @admire

May have something to do with the spot im standing at then? I’m on the most west spot of the bank

Could be. try switching areas, also sometimes it takes a min to re-agro, maybe 10-15 seconds, but it does eventually and banks fine too.

Please post your settings and send a screenshot/video of the issues you’re having. I can’t seem to recreate any of the issues you guys are having. When your character loses aggro the script usually waits for 15-30 seconds.


  • Adjusted banking
  • Adjusted aggro resetting
  • Increased pot withdraw limit to 28