[PREMIUM] bCannonballs - Smiths cannonballs | GE RESTOCKING


  • This script does not finish dwarf cannon. The quest is a requirement to smith cannonballs.
  • Ammo mould.


  • Restocking: Restocks steel bars from the GE when ran out.
  • Selling: Sells cannonballs when out of steel bars and buys more steel bars after selling.
  • Easy setup: Give it gold and it will do everything.
  • Falador: use -f script argument
  • Only supports restocking at edgeville

alt text

All feedback is appreciated and taken into consideration.


  • 500 tokens
  • 5 instances

Nice script, are you planning on adding dwarf cannon?

@Norwegian possibly

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Really solid script burak! running for 20 hrs now.

Any chance you can add the falador furnace?

@Wink Yeah, can do but why?


  • Added falador, use -f script argument to make it go to fally (does not support restocking)

so 500 tokens gets you 6 instances?

@itseastman correct


  • Fixed script sometimes not starting with quick start args


  • Fixed getting stuck in GE while trying to sell

@burak Really excellent man, ran about 2, 4 hours sessions so far. Thanks!


  • Fixed GE issues

add the damn muling

@Miraclzz suck my gigantic cock l0l

hi, what are the quick start args? any chance it gets 29-35 smith l0l?

It well be sick if you can add the quest.

Lol some ppl got lazy to a point that is funny. @WYD :wink:

burak, whats it all about with muling? Whats the idea? Ppl have 10 bots and put the gold in safe place on a non-botting account ??

@1234567Alex yes

Is this script working?