OSRS Botting Opinon Question

So I was wondering do you think these days jagex’s bot catching tech can pick up on say amount of xp/gp you make an hour? So basically when cutting say yews would it be safer to say stick to one tree so slower xp/gp then say a 2 to 3 tree spot but at the same time staying under the bot radar? Or do you think that part doesn’t make a difference?

I doubt hourly efficiency is moderated much, but if you were to play several consecutive hours at a high efficiency level, then that could well be a red flag.

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If they are they don’t give a shit. I made 10M in five hours doing the same shit today, and have been doing that exact same thing since February 20th and haven’t seen a ban
Then again I’m not recklessly botting. Gonna try suicide mode for fun though, and tell you how much I made botting flax like there’s no tomorrow