Official RSPeer Token Shop

Due to requests to purchase RSPeer tokens with RSGP or Crypto, we will be starting a RSGP/BTC/ETH token shop. We will essentially be acting as middlemen, selling RSGP and Crypto for USD and transferring you the equivalent amount (minus the fee) in RSPeer tokens.

This is meant as a solution for people who do not have the ability or don’t want to use our regular payment solutions.

Current status: OPEN (500 Tokens Minimum)
For Crypto - Contact @yasper @Gengsta
For RSGP - Contact @yasper @buracc @Gengsta

Contact them preferably on Discord. They can be found in the official RSPeer discord server.

Pricing and fees:

  • RSGP: ~market sell price -15%*
- You want to purchase 500 RSPeer tokens
- Market price is 0.75USD/M [0.75]
- Fee is 15%: .75 * 85% [0.6]
- Token price is 0.01USD/token: (500/0.6)*.01[8.333]
- You pay 8.33M
  • Crypto (BTC): ~coinbase rate -15%*
- You want to purchase 500 RSPeer tokens
- Coinbase price is 4025USD/BTC [0.75]
- Fee is 15%: 4025USD*85% [3 421.25]
- Token price is 0.01USD/token: (500/3 421.25)*.01[0.00146145414]
- You pay 0.0015BTC (you pay transaction fees)

Please remember that OSRS GP rates change daily.
Do not argue about token rates with token sellers as they do have the required tools in order to calculate prices accordingly.
*trial rate, subject to change based on bans for RWT, paypal fees, etc.


  • Contact a token seller on Discord with the form below (Token sellers can be found in our official discord server).
  • You will receive a reply with the current market rate and information on how to pay
  • Your tokens will be transferred to you instantly by the token seller.


RSPeer Email:
Amount of tokens:
Payment method (RSGP/BTC/ETH):


Q: What is the RSGP market sell price
A: Whatever we can sell the gold at Probemas/other gold sites, we will provide this information

price for 800 token now in osrsGP?

I saw the 1k token minimum for rsgp but is it at all possible to get 500 tokens with rsgp? thanks.

Any other sellers on this forum besides Min & Norwegian?

@Synthesis said in Official RSPeer tokenshop:

Any other sellers on this forum besides Min & Norwegian?

No. Easier to contact them on discord if you are having issues contacting them.

Min can be found on discord, Norwegian is missing.

Found ya!

People can now contact me for RSGP token sales! (if Jade is unavailable)

I vouch for @burak , great and quick service!

i need 400 tokens

Updated OSRS gold fee.

Just bought 5k with some ETH. Excellent service from @Jade. Fast and professional.

I need 500 tokens

whats ur market price rn?
looking for 20k tokens

I need to buy 500 tokens, what do i do?

¿Cant i paying with cash i mean paypal or something? i dont have btc

Updated thread.