Monk Killer | New on SDN | Kills and loots the Monk of Zamorak

Monk Killer

What does it do?

The Monk Killer kills monks at the Chaos temple, and loots the Top and bottoms.


V 0.01 Added support for food and fixed bug and fixed banking.
V0.02 Added paint and GUI (GUI doens't currently close by itself but still sets food.)


Format your code, so it becomes more readable… right now everythings all over the place

@burak thanks will do in next update

New on SDN. Food update expected soon

V0.01 Is live on the SDN.
V0.02 Waiting on Approval from Directors.

V0.02 is now live on SDN

Also beautified the code.

This project will most likely not be updated as I have no ideas what to do with it. Only time I will update it is if it breaks.

I think the bot is broke, just goes to bank and loops, like it tries to open bank goes to entrance of bank goes back to booth.

ok i will look into it when i have time