Monday wave bois

Just a heads up, only a few of my accounts have survived, might be just in my country though.

Mondays are normal catch up days for them

2 accounts of mine were banned as i was playing on main but about time lol

got no bans after this weekend last weekend i lost 4-5 bots

Lucky you :P, never knew Monday’s were catch up days lol

@Vik depending on your setup, I usually run my farm suicide from friday after work hours to monday before they open. Mule all my goods, and wait to see if the accounts are hit.

@Jesse They call this the suicide shuffle.

how old your account was ??? may be not botting on monday or thursday will get your accounts surrvived ??

Oh good idea @Jesse ,I might look into avoiding Mondays now lol

my only acc that I’m botting on was also banned this morning. 2 day bot busting ban though

Same very sad I suppose I should stick with runemate?

@Tageta777 domt think runemate has anything on rspeer besides the dude that owns it is a fat scam—mer. Not saying its bad or him though.

what scripts were you guys using that got banned out of curiosity? I used a number of scripts in the last week but I’m sure it was probably Dax’s chin hunter because I was suiciding it

@Vik I’ve never gotten banned using runemate besides running a woodcutting suicide bot that spam clicked the wall of a bank for hours I’ve botten 100s of hours on agility and getting 99 strength never even a warning as soon as I picked up rspeer ban, ban,ban ban

@Tageta777 sounds like they just caught up with you my man lol

@Tageta777 said in Monday wave bois:

Same very sad I suppose I should stick with runemate?