Major Macroing ban after playing legit


hi i was training ( legit without a script ) 4 accounts at the same time at lumbridge cows for 1,5 hours,
i used 2 proxies , 2 accs on each proxy, now what happened is that only 1 acc on each proxy got banned for
major macroing… any idea what could be the reason?

while training , the 2 accs that i did not give much attention (standing afk a few times) got banned, and the other 2 accs are still alive.
(could this possibly be the reason)?

Are you using a proxy (Yes ):
Error message (If applicable): Major Macroing

Your first mistake was proxies, never buy or make any account using proxies because they are useless just my opinion. I’ve botted and gotten banned on several accounts over the years on proxies. Playing finely on my skiller 650+ sometimes bot mining or tree cutting 2-4+ hours straight. Seriously, accounts created on proxies gets banned insanely faster because they are more predictable and I just bot on my subscription with EXPRESS VPN no problems.

VPN’s act very similar to proxies. The computer you use automatically connects to a different server, but where a proxy server can only handle web requests, a VPN is capable of routing and making your whole network traffic anonymous including through Jagex.

Not an opinion, it’s a fact invest in a paid VPN when botting.

The majority of VPN IPs are just as bad, if not worse than a bad/mid-tier quality proxy. I think you’re misunderstanding how VPNs and proxies function relative to the game. A quality, low abuse score proxy is the way to go, unless you are running a small amount of accounts, in which case you should just use your home IP.