Listener for drops of NPC

Hello everyone,

I’m writing a script in which i kill a npc and keep track of the loot. I have the following questions about it:

  1. Is there a listener that notifies you when the loot appears on the ground?
  2. Is there an API where i can get the spawn time or despawn time?

Now i currently do this:

Since i have to wait till the death animation of the target is done, i have to use a threadpool to keep track of multiple loots. What i want to do is keep track of all loot dropped by npc’s that i killed. If possible i also want to render the despawn time on the objects.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  1. I’m not actually sure, but personally I’d probably simply wait until I detect that my interacting/last fighting npc hits 0 hitpoints, log the position, then simply store the loot that appears subsequently into a list.
  2. Not to my knowledge, but again, if you know the time that an npc has died/deregistered at, you may be able to calculate when it’s due to respawn. I believe that there’s an algorithm relating to the number of players in a given world that increases/decreases spawn times accordingly. It’s probably posted on rs-wiki or somewhere of the likes, you could use this in conjunction with the death time to calculate the prospective respawn time.


According to the oswiki, the respawn timers are now uniform across worlds, so you simply determine the time taken for an npc to respawn once, then you could probably use a Map to store npc/spawn data in.

Thank you,
On 1. : Your solution is how i’m currently doing it. But i find it a little bit obnoxious.
On 2. : i mean the despawn time of the drops of npc’s not the npc itself.

Check out ObjectSpawnListener

Oh I see. Well I’m sure that npc drops are a flat 60 second time out?

Is it 60 second until others see it and 120 until it despawns?

That’s what I’ve always believed, yeah.

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